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U.S. Unemployment Rate

U.S. Unemployment Rate
Alternative measures of labor underutilization


Job losses & gains in the U.S.

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A recession is due within six months if the three-month average of the jobless rate rises 0.35 of a percentage point from a trough.

12/6/2015 (The Economist) November was another strong month for America’s labour market. The economy added 211,000 jobs, according to data published on Friday; figures for September and October were revised up. The unemployment rate stayed at 5%. The healthy report makes an interest-rate rise this month look all but certain. This week Janet Yellen, head of the Federal Reserve, hinted that an increase was on the way.
8/3/12 U.S. employers hired the most workers (163,000) in five months in July, but an increase in the jobless rate to 8.3% kept prospects of further monetary stimulus from the Federal Reserve on the table.
4 years of private sector job creation under Obama has exceeded private sector job creation under 8 years of Bush. The problem remains Fed/State/Muni layoffs and RE/construction.