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London Base Metals Prices & Inventory, London, New York and Shanghai

London  Inventory Numbers
Shanghai  Inventory Numbers
Comex Inventory Numbers
London (LME) Lead Inventory
London Lead (LME) Prices
London Tin (LME) Inventory
London Tin (LME) Prices
London Zinc (LME) Inventory
London Zinc (LME) Prices
London Copper (LME) Inventory
London Copper (LME) Prices
London Nickel (LME) Inventory
London Nickel (LME) Prices
London Aluminum (LME) Inventory
London Aluminum (LME) Prices
Shanghai  Futures Exchange Copper Inventory
World Copper (LDN+NY+WU) Inventory
Shanghai  Futures Exchange Zink Inventory
Comex CME (NY) Copper Inventory
Comex CME (NY) Silver Inventory
Shanghai  Futures Exchange Rubber Inventory
Shanghai  Futures Exchange Fuel Oil Inventory
Comex CME (NY) Gold Inventory
Shanghai  Futures Exchange Wire Rod Inventory
Shanghai  Futures Exchange Rebar Inventory
Notes & Links:

12/7/10 ETF Securities says it has approval from European regulators to launch three physically backed metals ETF’s. Expected to begin trading Friday in London, the ETF’s specialize in copper, nickel and tin.
2/22/10 The London Metal Exchange is launching derivatives contracts on cobalt and molybdenum.
4/15/09 Zinc rose to the highest level in six months on speculation demand is increasing in China.
8/22/08 Indonesia, the world's biggest exporter of tin, has confirmed plans to limit production of the commodity in a bid to support prices and sustain the local industry