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Peru Current account balance as  % of GDP
2001  -6.3
2002  -3.5
2003  -3.0


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Peru Lima General Index (weekly), 20 week exponential average in green, 5 week exponential average in red, 52 week ROC (rate of change) in yellow, MACD (moving average convergence divergence) in green.
Peru Lima General Index monthly chart, the red line is a 24 month exaverage, the yellow line is a 6 month exaverage
Peru Notes & Links:

9/1/10 MoM Peru's CPI rose 0.27% in August
8/17/10 Peru's GDP growth reached 11.92% in June, the highest in 21 months.
6/28/06 6/28/06 Peruís Congress overwhelmingly voted to approve a free trade pact with the United States early Wednesday, rejecting claims the treaty will hurt Peru's farmers by flooding the Andean nation with subsidized cotton, rice, corn and potatoes.
06/08/05 Peru's government on Wednesday lauded two new oil discoveries, saying the finds should boost optimism about finding more hydrocarbons to replace the Andean nation's dwindling oil supplies.   Petro-Tech, the Peruvian unit of Houston-based Petro-Tech International, said its new well is producing 1,200 barrels of oil a day and its potential reserves could vary between 10 million and 50 million barrels of oil.
10/15/04 Peru's economy  grew by 5.97 percent in August compared with the same month last year, the government said on Friday.